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This paper provides an overview of childcare needs in the Pembina Valley (the Morden-Winkler-Stanley region). It proposes options to strengthen and grow family-friendly childcare services in the Valley, and addresses a number of questions, including:

     What do we know about the population of the region?

     How many children 0 - 12 live in the Pembina Valley?

      What is the female labour force participation rate? What capacity for greater female labour force participation exists?

      How is immigration changing the demographics of the area?How many children in the area require childcare, either because one or both parents are in the labour force, in school or training, or to be available for community service?

     What does a current snapshot of regulated childcare services indicate about the access and availability of services for local families? How many of what kinds of services exist?

     How many staff are employed in the childcare sector? What is the sector’s direct value, and what kind of value does it generate to the Pembina Valley?

     What predictions can be made about current and future childcare needs?

Childcare in the Pembina Valley: A Needs and Options Paper [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 851.18 KB]

The paper grows out of interest sparked by the October 10, 2008 talk “Surprising Returns: The Economic Benefits of Rural Childcare,’ organized by a local committee in the Pembina Valley, and facilitated by the Child Care Coalition of Manitoba. Over twenty five people attended the lunchtime talk, held at the Minnewasta Golf and Country Club in Morden. Evaluation surveys revealed a strong interest in the economic and business case evidence for expanded childcare services.

That information session was organized by an informal committee. The group met with the Coalition in early December 2008  to discuss next steps. The Coalition accepted the committee’s request to prepare a needs analysis and options paper, and the committee offered to act as a reference group. Members of the committee for the ongoing phase are:

Advisory Committee Members

Tracy Bamford - Coordinator Healthy Child Coalition - Central Region

Cheryl Digby -  Community Development Officer, Town of Morden

Carol Gardiner- Coordinator, Manitoba Child Care Program – Central Region

Ken Reimer - Community Development Coordinator, Community Futures Heartland

Shauna Richards - Director, Morden Community Child Care Centre

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