City of Morden calls for new provincial childcare strategy at AMM Print

Morden Council successfully proposed a new provincial childcare resolution at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) Convention,  November 23-26, 2009 in Brandon.

Daycare Funding – WHEREAS the existing daycare funding and programming provided by the Province of Manitoba is no longer adequate, especially in communities where growth does not allow the use of inexpensive facilities such as closed schools for daycare use;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the AMM lobby the Province of Manitoba to meet with stakeholders to determine the needs for adequate daycare, and then initiate the programs necessary to ensure those needs are met.

Why does Council feel this issue needed attention?

     The Town of Morden is a growing community in constant need of employees for businesses attracted by this growth. This situation also applies to other communities in South Central Manitoba. One of the greatest obstacles to parents that want to work is the lack of daycare facilities. Morden’s facility is licensed for 112 children and it is full with a waiting list of over 100. Boundary Trails Hospital which was built in 2002 was designed to handle 300 births per year yet in 2009 they will see over 900 babies born in the facility. This means the problems of daycare facilities is going to get worse.

     Daycare funding is the Provincial Government’s responsibility. Rates are regulated in an attempt to make daycare accessible for all, but these rates barely keep the doors open and certainly don’t allow for a building fund.
Council has received pleas from industry, the school district, medical centre, hospital and residents to help
alleviate the daycare shortage. This is not just relevant to Morden and South Central Manitoba but is also a
concern for many other growing communities in Manitoba.

What happens now?
     One of the main functions of the AMM is to lobby the provincial and federal governments on issues that affect Manitoba Municipalities. This issue will now be brought to the attention of the Manitoba government by the AMM in 2010.
     “Morden’s amazing growth means the problem of daycare facilities is going to get worse. Having the AMM
lobbying the Provincial Government will give the issue a stronger voice. We hope the province will deal with
daycare shortages in all Manitoba’s communities,” said Mayor Doug Wilson.


News Release - December 14th, 2009

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